About me

I grew up in Norway, with a father who is a lithographer and was lucky as a child to see the real handwork before computers took over his profession. I studied art in high school and this is where I got to try linocuts for the first time. Many years later, I found some of my works from school that then had to come up on the wall, whereupon a friend who was visiting was so impressed by the prints. And with that, a desire was aroused in me to start creating again and take up this knowledge. 

The interesting thing for me in my creation is to bring out shifts in the print itself, my aim is unevenness in the color that creates life in my artworks.

The fact that I can never fully control the final result triggers my creativity and my curiosity.

Through art I let my inner perfectionist rest in the "unfinished".

I find a lot of inspiration from nature, life, emotions and music. I like to explore how details on the body can express different emotions and situations.

I often works with the female body. To explore how I can portray the woman without sexualizing her.

I think that the female body itself is very exciting and interesting to work with, all the shapes and emotions that a body can create just by being and how can I as an artist convey this without objectifying the body.

"The sexual shame over the female body in society is something that I want to challenge with my art. It should not be sexual to see a breast or for that matter a naked body. So I want to challenge you as a viewer to think one step further."

Dare to be free and dare to think one step further


2022, Konstkartellen, Group exhibition, Galleri Upsala, Uppsala, Sweden.

2022, Mini studio at WAY gallery, Upplandsgatan 57, Stockholm, Sweden

2022, Art Nordic, Copenhagen, Denmark

2022, Artist Arena, Upplandsgatan 48, Stockholm, Sweden 

2022, Guerilla craft fight against childhood cancer, Art of Hope, Stockholm Sweden

2022, Solo exhibition, StineKdesign, Nora Gård, Värmdö, Sweden

2022, BODY WE, art film, Galleri Hind, Stockholm Sweden.

2022, Vive la liberté, Bang Bang Art group, Group exhibition, Stockholm Sweden

2021, Gruppe 21, Group exhibition, Mo.z.art Gallery, Bergen, Norway.

2021, UTSATT, Art Project, Gallery LOZA, Loza Foundation, Varberg, Sweden.

2021, BODY I, Solo exhibition, Juste Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.

2021, DE.MO, Group Exhibition, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano,Italy.

2021, Humanism, Group Exhibition, The Holy Art, Romantso, Athens, Greece.

2021, Abstractions Have Voices, Digital concert by Margin Alexander, NYC, USA

2021, Sigtuna Artwalk, Galleri Zeitgeist, Steninge Slottsby, Sweden.

2021, Art Garden, Galleri Zeitgeist, Flustret, Uppsala, Sweden

2021, Digital exhibition, VIRTUAL Art exhibition BLAST, The Holy Art, London, UK

2021, Summer exhibition, Bang Bang Art group, Nora Gård, Värmdö, Sweden

2020, Collective exhibition art group, LENK, Galleri Bellman, Stockholm, Sweden

2020, Open studio/garden exhibition, Trädgårdsutställning, Värmdö, Sweden

2020, Artshow, Galleri Zeitgeist Art Show, Uppsala Saluhall, Uppsala, Sweden

2019, Artshow, Galleri Zeitgeist Art Show, Uppsala Saluhall, Uppsala, Sweden

2019, Solo exhibition, StineKdesign, Nora Gård, Värmdö, Sweden


2021, Mural in a private home in Norway.

2021, Design of two playrooms at Ronald McDonald Hus Uppsala, collaboration with Josefin Nordgren

2021, Sponsor for Ryttarsatsning Distansritt 2021

2017, Modernization of the logo to Haparanda Ryttare


2022, Reportage in Villa Nytt magazine no.3 2022. Link 

2021/2022, Nordic Art Guide